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Very good. Beautiful page. Advanced concept: "Rather than drifting in the flow of information, it is better to regurgitate collected high-quality content."
Cheng Ma, July 18, 2022 on Chrome
It is very comfortable to use, and many articles in the past have come out of the bookmarks
zhi wang, April 21, 2022
It is really a treasure expansion, there is not too much heavy things, from their own bookmarks to build the home page, is the function I need
蒋蒋, July 19, 2022 on Firefox
This extension is very much in line with my mind, can be in the keyword instant recommended bookmark site, this unique function is very practical. And it's very customizable
堡包, July 21, 2022 on Edge
Great, I really don't want to mess with the fancy features of the dial page, I just want to quickly import links and then generate a concise icon.
lele finley, July 30, 2022 on Chrome
Because it is a hamster so bookmarks are particularly bloated, in order not to let the collection of babies eat ash I have used the notion of the platform bookmarks integrated together, so special time o(╥﹏╥)o now it is easy to manage bookmarks
dan酱, August 30, 2022 on Firefox
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