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🤔 Frequently Asked Questions ​

What browsers are supported ​

Chrome, Edge, Firefox and other Chrome kernel browsers (e.g. QQ Browser, 360 Extreme, 360 Safe Browser)

Chrome download won't open ​

You need to have access to Google services to install extensions using Chrome Store, if you can't use Google services but are using Chrome, please download from other (offline package).

How to update ​

Plugins installed in the Edge, Chrome, Firefox stores can be updated automatically.

Other (offline package) browser plugins need to be updated manually.

How to hide unused bookmarks? ​

After version 1.7.4, you can set hide directly

In the previous version, you can put the content you want to hide in the browser bookmarks bar "Other Favorites", which can be placed in the second screen.

How come there is no icon? Why is the icon a letter? ​

Currently the icon is automatically retrieved from

Websites that are not included or have not added icons will automatically use

I want to hide elements and show more settings features? ​

First, you can find the effect you need in Settings -> Effectors.

If you don't find the effect you need, you can customize the CSS. Click Settings button -> Versions -> Advanced Settings to see the CSS code input box. The CSS code is used in For example, the code to hide the search box is as follows.

#chainwon-search { // select the element with the ID chainwon-search
    display: none; // set the display effect to none, i.e. hidden